Dry Lining Partitions

Dry Lining Partitions Device And Installation

The frame makes the whole partition rigid, in the inner cavity heater can be laid; it will provide additional sound and thermal insulation of the premise. The frame fitted of special profile provides any shape, created by a designer. In addition it is possible to hide communications, electrical and ventilation systems in an inner frame space. The most difficult for frames assemble is place marking but with modern laser measuring devices there is also not a problem. The profiles are fixed to ceilings and walls with screws. Each wall has the additional stiffeners for attaching drywall sheets and increasing the bearing capacity of construction.

Then the frame is sheathed with sheets of drywall and treated with putty before finishing; sheet joints are treated with calico strip to avoid cracking. You may coat drywall with any paints and paste wallpapers. This partition has a good bearing capacity and can be used for mild hinged designs. It’s better to use doubly dry lining lining to improve the sound insulation of the wall parameters, even without an internal heater.

Dry Lining Partition - is the best option for price/quality ratio, it belongs to do-it-yourself construction but with a complex geometry it is better to entrust the work to experts.

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