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What is dry lining?

Dry lining is a method of building internal walls and ceilings within a property. Popular in both residential and commercial markets, it allows for both the quick and easy erection of non-load bearing walls and ceilings.

Essentially, dry lining is the process of screwing plasterboard sheets to either a timber or metal frame. However due to the “ease of use” and “cost and savings” of metal, metal dry lining has become far more popular.

What we do.

DryLining Installation


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Services we offer

Bathroom Renovations

Amazing bathroom renovations and remodelling, from begin to complete until the duty is finished. New concepts regarding style in European vogue. We tend to ar reliable and skilled crew.


Big variety of ceilings, drywall, structure drywall, bar, stucco, combination. Drywall decorations. We tend to place the standard initial.


We know everything regarding the drywall installation and recording. Top quality by knauf technology. Organized and reliable crew.


Professional painting work, new drywall and enhance, trim and mopboard, roller and brush painting, victimization simply skilled primer and paint.


Quality application is that the base for a decent drywall job, we tend to ar consultants in doing therefore. countless expertise and lots of happy customers.


Outside and within masonry. The work includes within decoration of hearth which may be combined with drywall constructions. we tend to conjointly apply the stone seal for cover and glossy look.


We install every kind and sizes of tiles, each for walls and floors. It is installed in bathrooms, kitchens, halls, any surfaces that may need to touch upon a high p.c of usage. Having well put in the tiles can offer you the likelihood to dump renovations for an extended amount of your time